Bye Plugins, Hello Web RTC!


Web RTC (Real Time Communications) is the new trend in web application technology. Why? It is an open code software that enables real-time communication in the browsers without plug-ins and other requirements. This powerful cutting-edge technology is highly disruptive and is quickly becoming the only way forward for companies. Web RTC is peer-to-peer real-time audio, video and data exchange for your website and application.

Some benefits:

  • Software-only, standards-based, zero footprint integration—no plug-ins, downloads or installs, avoiding virus or malware downloads to your systems.
  • Reduces administrative costs as there is nothing to install in the agents’ terminals. With just a computer or phone with browser agents are connected.
  • It has always-on voice and video encryption. The Secure RTP protocol (SRTP) is used for encryption of both voice and video also secure signalling is used. This is especially beneficial over WiFi networks as it prevents eavesdropping and recording of the voice and video.
  • Web RTC is an adaptive network solution that compensates and adjusts to changing network conditions. It adjusts the communications quality, responds to bandwidth availability, detecting and avoiding congestion.
  • Click-through voice and video calls directly from the web. Access to more advanced, quick and context based support directly in your website or mobile app.
  • Developers will experience a streamlined development process reducing the time for application implementation. Detailed knowledge of Web RTC will not be necessary because of the standardized APIs.
  • Finally, the voice and video codecs are license-free.

The technologic and communication sectors are growing and evolving at a very high rate. In a world as competitive as ours, companies cannot look away from such changes. We are constantly communicating with each other via every channel possible, many of which use Web RTC.

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