Voice BroadCast

How can I keep client touch points high and man hours low? What a question! Dialers, scripting, reduced wrap-up, anything for just one more second of productivity. What if I told you that with voice broadcast you can eliminate the need to have live agents on certain queues all together? You can take back hours … Read more

Time Zones In Contact Centers

Since several years ago, a good part of the call center services of the Hispanic countries (including bilingual services) are located in Central America. This is because in they provide a wide offer and the operating costs are the lowest in the market. This implies, however, that several contacts are in countries with different time … Read more

Post-Call Survey

What is a Post-Call Survey? A Post-Call Survey is a simple way to get effective feedback from your clients. These can lead to another KPI and a at a glance view of your customer satisfaction. How can you utilize a Post-Call Survey? A customer focused approach is widely becoming the norm, and with this a … Read more

Play Hard, Work Hard

Playing games at work can be an excellent business strategy. This are the results shown from applying game dynamics on daily contact center operations. Call Center customer-company relationships starts with one of the most important pieces of this process, call center agents. They are the first ones to interact with our clients, representing the company … Read more

Stop Alt Tabbing

The call center technology is full of innovative solutions for a variety of challenges, from ensuring that call centers are running efficiently to more effectively using company data to gain insights into agent performance. Study after study shows that happy, engaged employees lead to more profitable and successful companies, therefore it is vital to simplify … Read more