Having the right tools to create everything you can imagine.



Design reports in a graphical and intuitive format with a simple tool. uContact comes ready with a complete set of more than 200 reports and the possibility of creating new, personalized reports.

The reports can be made by information generated in the system or from external data sources

Complete set of pre-designed reports

Powerful tool to create reports

Communication reports combined with management system information


Simple creation of customized screens and data capture flows from a scratch.
Re-use our predefined business verticals such as CRM Lite, Sales, Collection or Customer Service, or create your management system from scratch.

Extremely easy to use, with no need to learn any proprietary language

100 % integrated with uContact, thus allowing events such as pop-ups in inbound calls

CRM Lite


Manage interaction workflows your Contact Center visually and easily within the system core, allowing real-time changes.
Friendly Drag & Drop style format, which allows choosing the functionalities you wish to incorporate with no need for expert technical knowledge.

Dynamic creation of communication workflow

Drag & Drop

Intuitive use for non-technical users


Although uContact is an All-in-One solution, we think it is also really important to be able to integrate with any other platform the business may require. We’ve created a platform easy to integrate in order to have all you need in a single screen, with no need of Alt-tabbing.

To achieve this, we have different ways of integration. We have an API Rest to integrate with any application or by incorporating it within an iFrame in the agent’s interface.


No matter your choice of infrastructure, we adapt to what you need. The most important are your business’ results, not where uContact is deployed.

Never worry about obsolescence of your infrastructure ever again. Take your contact center into the future with Google Cloud or your choice of provider.

On Premise
Sometimes you will still require an onsite instance. We can launch on your local server with minimum hardware requirements.