Dialers And The Way They Revolutionized Contact Centers


A couple of decades ago, every sales person had to dial a long list of contacts on their landline phones in order to talk to potential clients. At the end of the day, salesmen or debt collector had sore fingers, painful lobes, and a feeling of having wasted their time and achieved very little. To say that the process of calling was tedious, is an understatement.

Nowadays, thanks to the advanced dialers technology, calling contacts has become more efficient: you can reach a lot more per hour and you can organize the way you want to call them.

Sales and collection processes are streamlined using algorithms and dialing is done through the computer. Dialers free agents from having to manually dial the phone number of each contact, task that deprives them from using their time more efficiently. In addition, dialers also serve the purpose of re-calling any contact that was not able to connect with an agent, whatever the reason.

Losing time with the answering machine is no longer necessary as the dialing systems can detect them and even leave a voicemail automatically.

Modernized contact centers use multiple automated dialing solutions by selecting the latest technology in line with their customized goals and environment. The right dialers can increase your company’s productivity by an amazing 300%. The question is, which dialer suits your company best?

There are 5 main dialers: Predictive, PowerDialer, Progressive, Preview and VoiceBroadCast, which will be covered in the following articles.

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