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Agents can now provide excelent customer service using a unique tool

Industry: Retail
Location: Argentina
Solution Replaced: Genesys

Megatone is a leader in the retail sector specialising in the sale of technological products and household appliances. The company has a strong presence at branch level throughout the country and an aggressive strategy at the e-commerce level.
All the operation of its omnichannel contact center is managed with uContact replacing Genesys‘ legacy solution.

Efficient eCommerce with an Omnichannel Strategy

Megatone is an an innovative company and the IT area has historically led this. Due to the change of paradigm in contact centers, the company was using two solutions to cover all it’s omnichannel approach. Genesys at the call center level and a customized CRM for the management of its clients.
A collection module was developed and personalized, adapting uContact to the complex reality of the business. In the words of Ezequiel Luna, head of the collection department, “Our collection strategy requires constant changes and we have seen the value of the tool with the possibility of applying different strategies using multiple channels.” uContact was also implemen- ted for sales and customer service. This allowed a unique visualization of customer interactions regardless of the channel.

Flexibility and Adaptability With No Limits

The incorporation of new channels of communi- cation with customers and the lack of flexibility of its current platform led Megatone to look for an “All in One” tool, both for the management of its communications and for the management of the business.

In the words of Andres Pedernera, Systems Manager of Megatone, “We bet on uContact to replace the Genesys solution because the dynamism of our business required more flexibility to adapt to changes. This change has exceeded our expectations, both at the level of solution and support”.


Optimize collection module and customer service using a unique tool.


Implementation of uContact with a personalized collection module unifing digital channels.


Increase in collections productivity in 35% and improvement in customer satisfaction with the use of digital channels.