Play Hard, Work Hard


Playing games at work can be an excellent business strategy. This are the results shown from applying game dynamics on daily contact center operations.

Call Center customer-company relationships starts with one of the most important pieces of this process, call center agents. They are the first ones to interact with our clients, representing the company image. Therefor, maintaining our front battle line strong is essential.

Gamification is the application of game-like mechanics into daily contact center processes and tasks. The concept resembles the feeling and act of playing video games or board games, motivating users to excel and “level up” by accumulating points, badges, rewards and others. Recognitions that keep agents engaged enough to improve their performance.

Many contact centers today use sophisticated tracking, recording, and analytics tools to measure agents performance, known as KPIs or Key Performance Indicators. Gamification resumes all this into figures, numbers and trends more visual friendly.

Agents can be rewarded with extra payments, schedule flexible work hours as well as giving them free breakfast to employees in the Top #5, it just takes a little creativity to think of other rewards.

Lets not forget that Gamification must be used as a business strategy and not treated as a simple game. Each organization must intelligently adjust its daily objectives based on statistics and measurements, so agents keep performing at their best.

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