Social Media in your Contact Center


Social Media active users have grown 13% since last year, and it is estimated to keep growing. A tweet or an instant Facebook Message can have more value than a simple phone call to a business. So, why do some businesses treat them as secondary channels? Thus, the urge of integrating them to every business in order to improve a customer experience to retain clients, and to attract new ones.

You might be asking yourself how to do this in your Contact Center. The first thing you should do, is have presence in the pertinent Social Media according to your Contact Center’s activities depending if they are collections, sales or customer support. Once you have that covered, you should find a way to integrate them to your daily activities.

You may find thousands of ways to do this in the Internet. However, the best way is irrefutable: you need a technological platform that allows you to efficiently manage all the information obtained from your customers through digital interactions on Social networks such as Facebook or Twitter between others. Here is when ‘All in One’ software platforms appear. Thanks to them, now all this and even more is possible.

With a platform like this you will achieve two important advantages. First, you will ensure that each user has a pleasant contact experience, which will lead to their total satisfaction and even to recommend you with other prospects. Second, you will keep under control valuable information for a constant analysis and improvement in the quality levels of your attention process.

Clients are all over Social Networks, to deny this is to cover the sun with your hands. What are you doing in your company to manage them in the best way?

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