Stop Alt Tabbing


The call center technology is full of innovative solutions for a variety of challenges, from ensuring that call centers are running efficiently to more effectively using company data to gain insights into agent performance. Study after study shows that happy, engaged employees lead to more profitable and successful companies, therefore it is vital to simplify and improve their experience while contacting clients.

Agents usually had to be trained in the new applications used and they needed to switch between many of them.  Agents learn to manoeuver between them, so they can find and give the information they needed during one customer encounter.  So, agents have learned to use the ‘Alt + Tab’ shortcut, however, this is another stifling productivity problem in the call center. While the ‘Alt + Tab’ function may be quicker than using their computer’s mouse, it’s still cumbersome and time consuming.

How can you make your agents’ tasks simpler? Easy: with an ‘All in One’ solution that integrates everything you need in only one screen. This allows you to offer the best experience to your clients in every interaction through any channel with just one software platform.

5 ‘All in One’ solutions’ benefits:

  1. Agents need to be trained only in one app, saving businesses valuable time and resources.
  2. Saving company’s money by paying only one subscription per month.
  3. It may include its own CRM for easy management of clients.
  4. If the client decides to use their own CRM, the software should allow the integration with any other application in order to have one screen only.
  5. Multichannel Unified Inbox of interactions allowing a unique visualization of all the contacts, independent from the communication channel.

‘Alt + Tab’: sounds complicated, doesn’t it? It shouldn’t. Technology is constantly evolving in order to make everything simpler. What are you waiting for to try an ‘All in One’ solution?

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