Towards Better Customer Experience


After receiving our recognition in “Great User Experience” from Finance Online, we have decided to explain how we have achieved it and why this concept plays such an important role when optimizing the performance of any Contact Center.

User Experience focuses in understanding the use and the necessities of the user. If the product is not easy to use, the user experience will never be good. To achieve it, it is crucial to design a product that can be used in a natural and intuitive way. Simplicity is not enough, it is vital to create a friendly user experience that is also attractive and allows the user to work comfortably.

It is worth mentioning that UX is generally confused with Customer Experience, which refers to every interaction a client has with a business through any channel.

What does User Experience mean to a Call Center agent?

–     To be able to manage every interaction with the client in one unique screen, with no need of changing screen constantly.

–     Unify all the interactions in a Unified Inbox, being able to visualize all the open activities, independent from the communication channel.

–     Personalize their working place, personalizing their profile and choosing the colors they prefer.

What does User Experience mean to a Call Center Supervisor?

–     Being able to clearly visualize the main KPI in real time and having statical reports

–     Having an easy control of the agents, by coaching, being able to spy and see their performance in real time.

–     Allowing free use of the system, being able to supervise through a tablet, so they can walk around the operation with the indicators online.

Technology must constantly evolve to adjust its operations with the aim of achieving an increasingly friendly user experience. When evaluating a technological solution, it is essential to evaluate how the user experience will be and what place does it occupy within a business strategy.

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