Agents can now provide excelent customer service using a unique tool

Industry: Fintech
Location: Uruguay, Argentina, México
Solution Replaced: Genesys

TuTasa offers loans between people in a fast, easy and convenient way, without banks in between.
This model benefits applicants with lower interest rates and investors with higherreturns.
Since the beginning of their operations, they have relied on uContact for the Omnichannel
management of their clients.

Efficient eCommerce with an Omnichannel Strategy

TuTasa is a pioneer in conducting loans between peers, following the line of the new collaborative economy of companies such as Uber or Airbnb. TuTasa allows you to apply for a loan by receiving an immediate offer at the lowest interest rates, in what is called peer to peer lending.
In words of Diego Guidobono, COO of the company, “TuTasa is a fintech and the intensive use of technology to automate process is crucial.” Regarding the selection process, Diego adds “The premise was to find a system that would allow us to have an omnichannel vision of the interactions with the clients and would also be flexible enough to integrate with our platform.”

Managing interactions with an Unified Inbox

TuTasa made a big integration of uContact with its management system to achieve a comprehensive vision of all the client’s activities, regardless of the point of contact. The company has grown steadily in recent years expanding its operations to Argentina and Mexico.
Regarding the future, Guidobono indicates that “looking back at the decision made in perspective, we know that uContact will be our long-term technological partner as they are constantly incorporating new technologies and new communication channels.”